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Core messages

Introduction The underground as part of the energy system

Challenges The underground as an energy source

Challenges The underground as a storage medium

Challenges Managing the underground

Recommendations Want, can, do

The subject of “geothermal energy” affects a wide range of stakeholders – these actually include everyone involved in the energy system, namely the overall population, all businesses, energy providers, professional associations, public administrative bodies and politicians.

However, the following recommendations are aimed at those stakeholders who could exert a direct influence on the future shaping of energy provision and the energy consumption of Switzerland’s building stock. In particular, these include the following:

  • Politicians (federal government, cantons, municipalities)
  • Energy suppliers
  • Businesses
  • Investors
  • Public administrations
  • Associations

Furthermore, recommendations have primarily been formulated that can be derived from the research work conducted in the joint project “Hydropower and geo-energy” as well as the areas identified in which action is required. The recommendations are relevant with a view to the transformation of our energy system.

All information provided on these pages corresponds to the status of knowledge as of 25.02.2020. Publication details